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Eye lashes

about Studio

Eyora – the center for creating a luxurious image. We make every woman uniquely beautiful! We have a team of professional masters, we work on the highest quality materials and now set the standard for standards of beauty!

We love what we do

It is better to be a good specialist in one business than an average in several.
Our eyelash studio knows about it like no other.

Always Beautiful Eyes

Experienced craftsmen, modern technologies, consultation.

No More Makeup

With extended eyelashes you can walk up to 4 weeks.


Work without gluing, warranty, premium materials.

You can Swim in the Sea

We are distinguished by an individual approach to each client.

Our WOrks

If you have short and rare eyelashes then eyelash extension is what you need. You can see the result of our work in the gallery.

Most popular

1 artificial one is superimposed on each of its eyelashes.
Duration 1.5-2 hours

On each of their eyelashes 2 artificial ones are superimposed.
Duration 2-2.5 hours

3-5 artificial ones are applied to each of their eyelashes.
Duration 2-2.5 hours

4 artificial ones are superimposed on each of its eyelashes.
Duration 2.5 hours

Professional Team

All our masters have been trained in the best schools of lashmakers and have
extensive practical experience in eyelash extensions.

We are Skilled

Masters individually select eyelashes by bending, length, color and density. When building, you can use the modeling services to enhance the effect of naturalness and choose a creative design, decorating the cilia with sparkles, beads or even colored feathers.

Working Hours

With extended eyelashes you will look great! Therefore, after the procedure, the carcass question will disappear!


09:00 – 19:00


09:00 – 17:00


10:00 – 18:00



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Recent Beauty News

If you choose the right length and do the procedure carefully, your native cilia will remain unharmed. And within two weeks after removing the extension of eyelashes, relatives will recover.

8 800 653 4142

105 Fairmount Ave Street,
SD 92105, USA